Doughnut forget!

I read, listened to and watched three different things today (in three different forms of media) that in one way or another, encouraged a person who says they love to write, to actually get to writing!  By the end of the third experience, I felt like I had  received a not very subtle hint that I needed to write something. So here we are.

They say you should write what you know, so, today I know this…I cannot eat doughnuts. I just cannot. No matter how good they smell and taste, my body says “No!!!”.  It says “No!!!!” in a fairly violent way!  I won’t go into details (you’re welcome), but it is not fun.

A couple times a year, I have completely forgotten the painful experiences of the past, and I succumb to the glazed, gooey, flaky seduction of a doughnut; only to be reminded yet again what my mind knows but my stomach refuses to believe.  No amount of selective amnesia will change the fact that doughnuts and my body simply do not mix. I have decided today to just stop the insanity!  No more doughnuts!  They aren’t worth the trauma.  Enough is enough!  Just say NO!  Thank you Nancy Reagan!

Before you congratulate me – remember, I only eat doughnuts about twice a year, so this declaration won’t really have a significant impact on my life.  But it feels good to break a pattern of self-abuse, so I choose to rejoice in my newly formed but firm resolve.

Today, I also know that nothing tests my plans for productivity as severely as a rainy day.  It is probably a good thing I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest.

rainy dayI would have no clean clothes, a disgusting house, zero groceries and the greatest Netflix and Hulu binge sprees on record.  Today it is rainy and unseasonably cool.  I have watched 2 movies and started a 10 part documentary series.  I have taken a really long bath.  I have taken a nap.  Oh and I ate a doughnut (and we all know what that means!)

I have not taken the laundry out of the dryer so it can be folded before it is irreparably wrinkled and in need of re-washing to correct.  I have not paid bills.  I have not done the menu planning and grocery list.  I have not mopped the bathroom floor.  I have not figured out what’s for dinner.

Truth be told, I have no plan to do any of those things today, because it is rainy and gloomy and a day made for staying in comfy clothes under a comfy blanket. And I ate a doughnut.

But – hey – I have now written this blog. So the day isn’t a complete waste.

See ya soon.

Author: aprildjones

Mommy, Historian, Wannabe Writer.

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