Lovely Little Moments

Day 44

For the first time in several weeks, I got the urge to organize and clean some things today.  I don’t want to give the impression that I cleaned out closets or junk drawers.  Nothing that elaborate!  Let’s not get crazy!

I cleaned off the kitchen table. 

I know, that doesn’t sound very ambitious.  But, as with most other families doing school at home, when this quarantine thing started I transformed my kitchen table and dining room area into the “school room”. Back then (what was that 7 weeks ago?) we were doing most of our school work with paper and pencil, so we really needed the space to spread out for the work.  I had organized all our materials into bins that I stacked around the table and baskets that stayed in the middle. It worked for us for a while, but when the stay at home order turned into online learning, Arden and I made some adjustments in how we do school work.  Now we do 99% of it online, so we have put up TV trays at the couch and tend to do our work there because it is way more cozy.  I didn’t, however, put away all of the supplies and accompaniments that had cluttered up the dining room.  I just moved them to the side whenever we ate and scooted them back when we were finished.  

Today, I just couldn’t look at it anymore.  So I pulled out all the school supply tubs and put the things we won’t need anymore away. I consolidated all our coloring books and word searches and reading books into a small basket and generally straightened the area.  It has made a big difference in my mood.

I also pulled out all my Dave Ramsey budgeting worksheets and got that all up to date – I’ve not been diligent in writing down all the money details lately.  It felt good to do my lists and reconciliations. Nothing really changes in our monthly outlays these days – so I pretty much know where it is all going – but there is something about writing it down that just calms my mind.

Anyway, now that the dining room is back to “normal” I’m able to more fully appreciate the fresh flowers that are gracing the center of the table.  The arrangement has what I call “funeral lilies” in it.  I don’t like “funeral lilies”. But these flowers are so happy in their color – or I am just in a mental state when anything colorful is bringing me unprecedented joy – that I can’t fault them for being “funeral lilies”.

The day started sunny and warm, but a storm is moving in and the temps are dropping. We have two more days of predicted rain and then it is supposed to be lovely.  Terry moved one of the many site picnic tables to the grassy area nearest our house.  I’m looking forward to the end of the week – I would like to sit out there and eat lunch or read a book. Having something to look forward to – even something that insignificant – is also helping my mood.

Arden had another call with her class today.  It was show and tell. She brought her sketch pad and showed some of her drawings. It was fun to eavesdrop on the conversation.  I’m so glad that her teacher has made this a part of their week. At one point each student was just sharing what is on their minds during this time, one student’s grandmother is in the hospital with Covid19; one student is bummed that she can’t get the braces she was supposed to get last week; Arden shared that she has really been considering blue streaks in her hair and wanted to know if her classmates thought that was a good idea.  News to me!  One friend told Arden not to do that, because she has such pretty hair as it is!  Little tears pricked my eyes at this, because Arden has a lot of insecurity around her curly hair (and I have no idea how to help with it because mine is board straight). I was so thankful that one little friend gave that bit of encouragement.  It was such a small thing, but I watched Arden’s face light up with joy.  It was a good moment.

Also,  the bird vases got some flowers from the bunches I bought.  I really love these little guys and am SO glad that they didn’t suffer the same fate as the other little fat birds yesterday.

Resized952020042895144443 (1)

News of the Day:

More than 3 million people worldwide have tested positive from the coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Over 213,000 have died.

In the United States, there have been over 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases. More than 56,000 people have died.

With cases in D.C. mounting, the U.S. House of Representatives will not return to Washington next week.

Plan for the Day:

Enjoy my straightened dining room. Enjoy the sound of the rain. Watch old tennis matches. 

See you tomorrow – maybe.


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